Vapor World
Published 10 months ago
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A Grotesque Odyssey Through the Twisted Minds
Genre: 2D Metroidvania with some Souls-like elements
Team: Cetus

About Vapor World

Vapor World is an action-adventure game full of surrealistic levels, intriguing lores, explorable hidden goals and challenging combats.
The story starts with a medical device called ‘Vapor World’ which is a machine that connects a doctor’s mind and patient’s mental world to do counseling treatments efficiently. And the game takes place in the interconnected several mental patient’s minds which are bonded through Vapor World device.
You are a sub-contracted mechanic named Paslow, who invented the central AI system of Vapor World. One day, when you are fixing the device’s small break-down, some crazy “incident” happened. You got caged in the device, and dragged to the patient’s mind. You can’t escape the mental world manually, because the AI system, Paslow’s creation is blocking the way-out until every patients are considered “cured”. Without any medical or psychological knowledge, you need to face the interconnected twisted minds.

Promised Gameplay

  • Stamina-based methodical real-time combat system.
  • All stages are gigantic maze-like level, and each of them has some small or big gimmicks.
  • All stages are opened from the start and every new game has a different starting point.
  • Clear all mandatory bosses on each stages to escape the device. And the order is depended on your choice.
  • Fast-build and Fast-dispose weapon crafting system.


Firstly, we are going to show you a glimpse of the stage “End of The Line”. This stage takes place in Kurt Mallard’s mind who is a dismissed train conductor suffering from PTSD and intermittent explosive disorder.
Kurt Mallard’s mind is a gigantic gothic train station made of grave yards and pile of skulls. We wanted to make the train station spacious and massive. Z axis layering surely helped us a lot in this case.

Skeleton passengers and ghosts of the casualties are floating everywhere as enemies. We made them with Unity 2D animation function. Unity provides an optimal tool to create them.

We can show you a glimpse of the hidden challenge boss of the stage.He dwells on Kurt’s mind so you can find him if you explore the vast level carefully.

So, Here's a full play-through of the demo that we made with Unity Technology.
Thank you for watching this, and we promise that we are going to make a really memorable game. See you next time. :)
Cetus - Programmer
KIMGOD - Programmer
10 months ago
Kevin Min OThis badass team made amazing concept. I'm very excited.. Work hard and get us a masterpiece! Good work!👍
@Kevin Min O Thank you!
Kevin Min O
10 months ago
This badass team made amazing concept. I'm very excited.. Work hard and get us a masterpiece! Good work!👍
10 months ago
Ali Anıl KARADAĞAmazing arts i really love it ❣️
@Ali Anıl KARADAĞ Thank you :)
10 months ago
Jr. Game Developer
Amazing arts i really love it ❣️