Vanishing Stars
Prepare your troops and your defenses so you can repel your enemies and destroy their bases. Take control of planets to colonize the galaxy in this new kind of tower defense game.
On February 7, 2252, an army of gigantic spiders and insects launched a surprise attack on the Earth. Appearing near the Solar System aboard a gigantic Centipede, these fearless warriors quickly reduced earth orbital defense systems to a state of total chaos. Human technology was unable to fight against the speed and numbers of the invaders. Earth's defense was rapidly abandoned in order to concentrate on evacuation. While the Triumvirate still continues to resist thanks to its colonies on Mars and Tau Ceti, the rest of the refugees went in search of a new planet to call home, one far from our solar system. "Vanishing Stars: Colony Wars" is a game prequel, adapted in video game, of the card game "Vanishing Stars." You play a troop commander whose mission is to conquer new planets where your faction can prosper. Human, Myriade or Neada, your role remains the same: annihilate hostile species to gain control of the galaxy. "Vanishing Stars: Colony Wars" is a tower defense type game in 3D. In "Vanishing Stars: Colony Wars", your goal is to colonize the galaxy and destroy enemy factions. Planet by planet, you must: • Set up your bases • Organize your defenses • Launch the offensive • Destroy the main enemy base to gain control of the planet And cross the galaxy in search of new planets to establish your faction (human, Myriad or Neada). The game provides a story mode and a "player versus player" mode