Van Gogh Shader Test // Design/Modelling/Texturing/Rendering
Over the last weeks I'm very addicted to the idea of trying to recreate an oil-painted/hand-draw shading which is gonna look more 2D than an actual 3D render! One of the main feature of this shader is that I'm working on it to be 100% procedural: The color smudging, paint strokes and watercolor brush overlays does not require any actual hand painting, as the shader can procedurally generate this peculiar effect starting from flat-color assigned to the mesh (via color vertex or just a albedo map). I've decided to test it out on 2 different scenarios: - A castle emerging from the clouds; a really fantasy subject which I've modeled in Blender, - An oil-painted draw of a small town by a river. (Well, that's more a streetview rather than a whole town!) (This is also modeled in blender but some models where bought from Sketchfab to save me sometime) Both the scenarios are (kinda) Lowpoly, as they both stays under 100k vertx each (whole set). The renders were made using Cycles (2.79) and after some Photoshop for CC and compsiting, those are the final results :)
Davide Pellino
3D Artist - Artist