Vaan Uchida
Far into the future the human race has split into different species where lesser minority races have been artificially mutated, sterilized, and drafted to Mars, the seven habitable planets of Proxima and other worlds in order to live, work and serve the more entitled species of human beings on earth known as truebloods. Vaan a bio technically enhanced soldier and hybrid species of man must save his daughter Aiyana due to the fact that she is a hybrid between his species but also trueblood and if found out she would be exterminated. Together they go through countless hurdles escaping and hiding from Earth's government. In the end Vaan finally manages to find safe refuge on an unprecedented planet but at the expense of his own life, and Aiyana moves on inheriting her father’s title and legacy remembering him as a hero.
Valerie Nelson
Concept artist, Writer - Artist