в катастрофе
Puzzle Game
README ====== # About This game was created to the Global Game Jam 2016. # About the game Welcome aboard Space-Station Vostoke tovarisch. Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable. Instructions will be given to you shortly. в катастрофе is a collaborative 4-player game in which players need to learn information from the game by trial-and-error and simultaneously communicate it to other players, all within a short time-frame. Victory can only be achieved once all players enter their sequence correctly. # More details and news GGJ 21016:в-катастрофе GitHUB: # Authors Alan Duca (Programming and Networking) Daniel Karavolos (Game Design) Etienne Bugeja (Art) Mario Madureira Fontes (Programming and Menus) Mark Magro (Programming and Networking) Jean Brincat (Audio and Design)
Mario Madureira Fontes
Teacher/ Software Engineering