Utopia Syndrome
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Windows; PlayStation 4; Xbox 360; Xbox One
Hehehehey guys :) My name is Andrew Averkin. I am 3d environment artist from Blur studio and a guy who is trying to be a game developer. Few years ago I decided to start creation of my personal game project and it turned out into a big part of my life now! Already for 2 years I am working on a game called Utopia Syndrome. It is a «point and click» adventure game with intersection of destinies, mysterious parallel storylines set in a dark, horror and mystic atmosphere. Click, read and interact, gather inventory items, notes and clues to solve puzzles to progress further.
Most adventure games and games in general settle for a single camera perspective to portray the action, but we decided to not stop at one game camera and have two unique points of view. You can play in isometric view more common to RPGs, but you can also switch at any time to a more traditional third-person adventure games style view. Currently I am working on Demo but you can already look on screenshots and few trailers. Hope you like it, many thanks and cheers! Utopia Syndrome is an indie game project and I work on this game in my free time. It is not just a game for me - it is a piece of myself, of my thoughts and imaginations, it is my ideas and dreams, emotions and feelings, strong efforts and wishes along with life experience which I am putting into this game!

Andrew Averkin
3D Environment Artist - Artist
Game Languages
English; Russian; Ukrainian; French; German; Italian
Supported Platforms
Windows; PlayStation 4; Xbox 360; Xbox One