Use WinRT / UWP API in Windows Store Apps. A component for the Unity Asset Store
Use XAML controls in your WSA app! Access new Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 features like Cortana, speech, ink and more!

What this asset is for

In theory, you can invoke WinRT APIs from Unity when you target Windows Store apps. In practice, because most of those APIs use modern features of C# not supported by the Mono version used by Unity (like async calls) you cannot. You cannot use XAML controls easily either.
If you want to access such APIs and controls, you need to write further code in the Visual Studio project generated by Unity. However, communicating back with your Unity scripts can be tricky. This asset hides all the complication for you, in a scalable and convenient way.

What this asset contains

The asset contains: scripts and prefabs for Unity and; a package for your WSA project, that stablish a connection between your unity scripts and your WSA classes. You can use this connection to call WinRT APIs and use XAML controls that you define within Visual Studio from and back to your Unity scripts.

Demo app

You can download a demo app built with this asset from the Windows Store here
Salvador Jesús Romero
Indie developer. Freelance Unity/UWP/Xamarin - Programmer