US Intelligence collaboration ap fusion WWw.NicholasONealBlume.Com externalize consciousness without firing synapses copy aka infomorph
Published 17 days ago
In development
lucid dreams create mind malleability allowing externalizing consciousness from brains without firing synapse copy. WWw.NicholasONealBlume.Com/LiveSketchingMusic/index.html
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US Intelligence collaboration ap fusion
where all can actually defend Earth with SMS
Apollo earned us the right to consume because we defend Earth

rest your hand on your cellphone while live sketching/painting to activate audio sensors forming music with stereo instructions for lyrics.
android ap built out to 3dwebgl on my site
effeminate singing and dim spoken word sounds avoided with filtering stereo instructions, then live painting/sketching legitimizes the use of a stage when the marks make music. the works can be edible binding you to the filters.
augmented reality component of this process doesn't build out to 3dwebgl though I can send you the ar ap and customize so you can enjoy playing and interacting with music when target images are set to your sleeves or wherever. I can also create the shirt for you with the ar target images.
underwater painting on top of Jeep (after/before live painting/sketching ap plays music) allows us to naturally send outer space transmissions with cell tower zones' surges of interest.
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