US Army War Training School
We welcome you to the army preparation school where we will be transforming recruits into Soldiers at Basic Combat Training. Us Army war training school is an action game where Soldiers meet their Sergeants and begin exercise which will make you mentally and physically strong enough to fight against your enemies. You have joined academy normally known as a boot camp .In the US Army Academy, basic combat is the first step of training as a military soldier. Follow all the instructions from your platoon. To be a brave soldier, you have to pass all training session in military academy. The challenge comes as much from the difficulty of physical training as it does from the psychological adjustment to a hard time way of life. Enter military academy, follow the sergeant commands. Step into combat that will leads you to clear physical and mental survival training. This epic survival game will improve your target setting skills by providing you with different missions and challenges. Grab your gun and set targets on the practice board provided. Practice to be a trained shooter to cross levels. Improve your time management skill by completing levels within the given time. Play again and again to finish the mission within the least time. Completing the confidence course involves navigating a host of grueling obstacles, with the ultimate goal of instilling a sense of accomplishment in the soldiers as they make their way through it. Face difficult challenges to be a brave soldier. This army game provides the users with different army training exercises to be physically strong. Cross hurdles to accomplish the goal. So enjoy this US army game, learn to face dangers and be a strong person. Instead of leading, a life of ease and luxury, you should train yourselves to face any misfortune with a mighty heart and devote a part of your time in receiving military preparation. To be a hero, you got pass through all this tough training session. Complete intense obstacle course and follow chain of command from platoon instructors. It is all about being from ordinary to extraordinary by travelling the hardest of the paths leading to the goal and that is to be a champ in the force. Clear military training camp by passing the commando regiment test in this action pack simulator game. At the end you will be trained to fight deadly force. Features Of US Army War Training School: Basic military instruction Intuitive & smooth controls Best army simulation game with real military school obstacle course Realistic Military Academy Environment. Different army fields to clearing course Play as Real army trainee cadet to test your skills
Syed Farhan Ashraf
Game Developer - Manager
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