Urge Expedite - The brand new racing game, full of fun and quick adrenaline for racing junkies!
Hey there, this project will involve the creation and development of an inspired Mario Kart/Dirt racing game. Full of speed, abilities, multiplayer functionality and eggs!
[4/2/19 - 10/2/19] | This week involved the creation and development of the project's market research and inspirations gathered from other renowned titles. Along with the brainstorming of what consumers like in the racing genre, and what they believe racing game are missing in today's market. Also, I went ahead and started to model the first vehicle this game will contain. Due to the time length it required to ensure the topology of the vehicle was correct and how long it took to model it. I may need to gather secondary assets to assist the vehicle library, which will be found in the shop. The shop will be intended for future development during this project until the May 15th deadline.
[11/2/19 - 17/2/19] This week I went ahead and created the cars controls using Unity's provided wheel-collider components and tweaked their values for the intended and desired intuitive feel. I want the player to feel relaxed whilst also feeling competitive whilst playing this game. I had some issues resetting the camera's position, but this will be tested when the track has been done, to test how vigorously the vehicle needs to turn.
[18/2/19 - 24/2/19] This week involved the creation of the main menu scene and its UI functionality. I have added transitions and relevant buttons so player's can guide their way around. The racing track has also been modeled, however may need to be changed due to its sharp bends. But hopefully, the scale of the track vs player will be comfortable to interact with.
[25/2/19 - 3/3/19] I have followed a few unity tutorials to begin adding network functionality on the game. At the moment, I can get two vehicles to spawn along with their display name the user can enter in.
[4/3/19 - 10/3/19] I have now implemented a scenario where a script will spawn vehicles at a desired location. This week also involved the adjusting of car's control and its wheel colliders.
[11/3/19 - 17/3/19] This week I set up network lobby functionality, with the aid by Unity's lobby manager package. The game now allows lobbies to be created by host, and for other player to join on the same local network.
[18/3/19 - 24/3/19] I have created a script to detect when a vehicle has spawned, when it connects so that the vehicle is called (player 1, 2, 3, etc.) I have also made it so when the vehicle passes another its current position in the race will either increase or decrease depending on who passes by. This is done by using a collider in front of the vehicle and another behind.
[15/4/19 - 21/4/19] I have created a minimap and some more UI elements to detect vehicle speed, hold their current ability and display race time. Unfortunatly the project is holding a real setback due to the lobbymanager and network manager not spawning additional prefabs depending on how many players are in the lobby. At the moment, only one prefab/player spawns from the lobby scene, and the second player is left at the lobby screen with no vehicle spawning in the track1 scene. I have tried to fix this, this week to no avail. It may have something to do with isLocalPlayer being only on the first player and not other clients, but this worked before? Right now, to ensure I meet the deadline with atleast a playable game with one car, I must focus on other areas of this game's development, to avoid lack of content.
[22/4/19 - 28/4/19] This week I have created barriers for the track, improved the environments landscape by creating a particle waterfall using Unity's particle system, adding in different terrain paints and more vegetation/trees. The scene looks slightly more lively. If I had enough time, I will gather assets or model them on my own to fill it up more, whilst still taking into consideration the performance. I have also created player coins which will be picked up by the vehicle. Once the player has 10, their speed will increase giving them more of a boost for the race (to win). These coins will allow the player to purchase new skins or music; undecided yet. I hope to add enough time for both. Ability boxes along with their base-bone code has been written so that I can concentrate on adding in ability implementation next week! I will also concentrate on the main menu UI for next week, implementing customization for the vehicle, options, control guide, etc.
[29/4/19 - 5/5/19] This week was spent trying to fix bugs in the game; networking, player camera and wheel colliders. I have also focused on loading and saving data using a simple JSON script handler to carry saved variables over scene to scene. I have done the Mute option so far from the main menu to mute the next scene if true.
[6/5/19 - 12/5/19] This week I have improved the main menu along with adding in options and controls the player can identify. In order for them to know how the game is interacted with. I have also textured the vehicle and have given it multiple colours to use as player skins. These skins are then changed through the lobby manager prefab provided by unity, to allow players to be identified while racing. I am currently having issues with having the skins appear upon the client, and the server is having trouble viewing a different skin upon player 2's vehicle.
[13/5/19 - 15/5/19] This week it is my priority to ensure the game has an end state in order for the player to complete the game. On completion of a race, a player (depending) on their position (1st, 2nd, etc) will earn coins. The game also needs a countdown for when the first lap is ready to race. Unfortunately I have ran out of time to fix some unneeded bugs before the deadline such as, skins appearing upon server and clients, along with the UI being personal to the local player. I would have also proffered to have included more abilities for the player before the deadline, however there are three and they work as intended so far. All performance is smooth with the help from the Unity Profiler, and I have had a lot of fun with this project! Although, networking has been a challenge to defeat.
Aaron Alexander Wilson
Mr - Designer