Urge Expedite - The brand new racing game, full of fun and quick adrenaline for racing junkies!
Hey there, this project will involve the creation and development of an inspired Mario Kart/Dirt racing game. Full of ramps, abilities, and multiplayer functionality!
[4/2/19 - 10/2/19] | This week involved the creation and development of the project's market research and inspirations gathered from other renowned titles. Along with the brainstorming of what consumers like in the racing genre, and what they believe racing game are missing in today's market. Also, I went ahead and started to model the first vehicle this game will contain. Due to the time length it required to ensure the topology of the vehicle was correct and how long it took to model it. I may need to gather secondary assets to assist the vehicle library, which will be found in the shop. The shop will be intended for future development during this project until the May 15th deadline.
[11/2/19 - 17/2/19] This week I went ahead and created the cars controls using Unity's provided wheel-collider components and tweaked their values for the intended and desired intuitive feel. I want the player to feel relaxed whilst also feeling competitive whilst playing this game. I had some issues resetting the camera's position, but this will be tested when the track has been done, to test how vigorously the vehicle needs to turn.

Aaron Alexander Wilson
Mr - Designer