Uphill Rush
Published 2 years ago
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Android; iOS
Get ready for some extreme waterslide action in the world’s craziest water park simulator!
Survive as long as you can as you perform crazy stunts and blast through everything in your path! Whizz and bounce through rollercoaster-style corkscrews, loops and more! You’ll brave incredible water parks and dominate some seriously insane tracks. This is more than just fun in the sun… Have you got the skills to make it to the finish line in this epic, thrill-filled ride?
TAKE IT TO THE MAX Take the fun to another level when you choose from tons of rad “rides” like bathtubs, sharks, or jet skis, each with their own unique specs. Collect diamonds to unlock cool upgrades, and use power-ups to give you a boost!
RIDE YOUR WAY IN THE LEVEL EDITOR Create your own levels that can be played by your friends and other players from around the world. They will rate your levels and help you climb to the top of the leaderboard. Of course you can just play other players’ levels too, tons of new ones will be added daily!
SUPER FUN FEATURES: - Conquer the world’s most dangerous attractions - Experience extreme water park thrills - Perform mind-blowing stunts - Choose from 20+ rides and many different characters and outfits - Master all levels in Level Mode - Survive as long as you can in Endless Mode - Create your own content in the Level Editor - Tons of new levels added every day by the community - New worlds added each month! - Discover hidden diamonds and unlock power-ups - Conquer the global leaderboard - Play anytime, anywhere, no wi-fi needed!
Triangle Studios
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS