Update Announcement
Published 3 months ago
Update Announcement
While keep creating my own contents, my modeling and texturing skills were improved better than before.
Recently I looked at my all assets that published here, Unity Asset Store, and decided to update them all.
I will leave the poly itself, but add some more extra details as possible, also adding textures for mobile platform.
Here's the list of to do list:
  • Low Poly AH64
  • Low Poly A10
  • Low Poly F22
  • Low Poly M1 Abrams
  • Low Poly M2 Bradley
  • Low Poly M270 MLRS
  • Low Poly BMP1 IFV
  • Low Poly BMP2 IFV
I can't sure when it's done, but I will keep share the progress here. Hope you guys like it!
Note that the price can be raised because Unity Asset Store doesn't accept under 5$ anymore, so that I can't submit my product. Hope you guys understand. Thanks!
MinGyu Choi
modernator - Other