Upcoming 2020 Mobile Games
Published 5 days ago
So what game will be best in 2020
The year’s first batch of new mobile games includes the excellent Gladiabots and one of the first action games for Apple Watch. Now that the last of the tinsel has been stuffed back into its cardboard box, and the pine needles brushed neatly under the rug, it’s time to once again seek solace from the soul crushing reality of British January by finding something – anything – to fiddle with on your phone. Fortunately, the last few weeks have been kind to mobile gamers, with options like the wonderfully mellow Spring Falls to soothe your troubled brow, or the obsession-inducing intricacy of Gladiabots – which might well be enough to keep you distracted until Easter.
With its 8-bit-style graphics and roguelike trappings, Space Grunts 2 is every bit an OrangePixel game; only this time, rather than being about action, it’s a turn-based deck builder with an emphasis on speed and simplicity. Every move you make enemies also get a turn, which means they move around the game’s procedurally-generated levels at the same time you do and take turns in the same way during battles. Brawl Stars Hack This lean process is let down by the speed with which cards cycle through your hand, giving you little chance to build a tactically viable deck. You can exchange cards at special vending machines, but you’re almost always better off just toughing it out and heading for the exit to the next level. That reduces the enjoyment of what could have been a more involved and interesting strategy game, but an Android version is in the works if you’re interested.
Damien Sokmares