Untitled Mech Project
This is a prototype for a planned mech game. It's a top down shooter. The objectives for this were:
  • Learn more about animations (how to make a mech with different parts and play an animation on the end product in runtime)
  • Create multiple components of the same type for the mech with different functions and/or attack style(arms, legs, weapons, gadgets)
  • Use the necesary design patterns so that any robot could be used by player or AI.
  • Create an enemy factory that created procedural robots with randomized components.
  • Make an AI that could work and take advantage of any mech configuration.
  • Learn more about the UI in Unity.
  • Save and load the selected mechs.
  • Experiment with the twin stick shooter genre, chek if this was a good control scheme for the theme.
All this objectives were met and I added other little experiments and optimizations. I'm currently working on implementing an online multiplayer system to see how the structure of the game works with a network.
This was made in Unity3D and C#. The models and animations were downloaded from the Unity Asset Store, the entire codebase was made by me.
César Efraín Órbenes Alapizco
Game Programmer - Programmer
Kyle Garner
a year ago
Brillient! I'm a fan already.