Until Dead - Think to Survive
Published a year ago
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Android; iOS
Until Dead is the first Brazilian game to win an Indie Prize Award, is a puzzle and strategy free-to-play with mechanics based on tactical combat and simultaneous turns. In the game, you control John Mur, an adventurer detective that needs to survive in a chaotic world using his own abilities. Into the shoes of the protagonist, you need find clues on this huge adventure searching for answers to solve all the mystery. The better advice to play is: “Think to survive!”
In the year 2022, the world entry in a instant collapse, awakening to a new reality. Million of people began to suffer from a type of disease that turned them into a kind of zombie. Detective John Mur is one of the few survivors who still hopes that his reality can go back to what it was before. As an adventurer and explorer, he can to survive in this chaotic world, full of traps and uncertainties. After finding a letter in his old house, John realizes that nothing has happened by chance and this way go to confident in search of new answers.

• A new way to survive on zombie apocalypse. • Logical mechanics from tabletop games adapted for a innovative mobile experience. • Simultaneous turns that making gameplay more fluid. • Die is normal, just try again. • 5 hours of content playable. • Collect clues and open paths for more challenges. • Create your puzzles on Creation Mode and share with all players around the world.

• Think better to survive. • Not always the shortest way is the better. • Explore and gain bonus! • Use your skills to solve puzzles of brilliant way! • The patience can be your best friend.

Engine: Unity Title: Until Dead Think to Survive Gameplay: Turn based mobile puzzle game - Third person Genre: Strategy, Puzzle, Action, Indie Developer: Monomyto Studio Release date: Early 2018 Platform: Android, IOS
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Portuguese; English; Italian; Japanese; Russian; French; German; Spanish; Chinese
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Android; iOS