Untested Waters #GGJ17
Our Global Game Jam entry with the theme "waves" for #GGJ17! Untested Waters is a game made by Vicky Potts and Adam Whiteside of Whitepot Studios with help from Richard Gillen for the weekend.
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"Untested Waters" is a local two player game - one that is a vicious battle of selfishness and survival. The SS Gentle Richards has been afloat for many years - it has sailed the seven seas and plundered many a land. The vessel even survived 2016 - but a curiously mathematical sea is calling for the mighty vessel's demise. There's only one life raft aboard - and only one player can survive. Two best friends reside upon the boat - but after years of secret resentment and jealousy, it all comes to a head as they battle for their lives. Try and throw your best friend overboard as you battle a treacherous dynamic sea that will end one of your lives. The game uses 2D sprites and was made using Unity and Spriter Pro. All assets are our own. The game was made by Vicky Potts and Adam Whiteside from Whitepot Studios, and Richard Gillen.
Installation Instructions: From source: Open source folder in Unity and continue as normal for a unity project. From Executable: unpack zip and run appropriate executable for your system. Further instructions can be found in the packaged readmes.
Untested Waters requires 2 connected controllers to play Controls: X - Punch B - Charge A - Jump Left Analog Stick - Movement
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