UnSummoning: The Spectral Horde Download For Pc [hack]
Published a year ago

UnSummoning: The Spectral Horde Download For Pc [hack] --

About This GameOnce upon a time, a nefarious necromancer summoned an army of vengeful spirits to wreak havoc upon the world. Unfortunately, they only wanted to wreak havoc upon HIM! Now he must undo what he has done by drawing upon the power of magic sigils to blast the ghouls back to the netherworld. Featuring an innovative mix of color matching puzzle mechanics and fast-paced, twin stick shooter action.Features:Addictive Puzzle/Shooting Gameplay: Highlight colored sigils to match the approaching ghouls, build up your magic charge, aim, and fire! Also, try not to die.Story Mode: Fight through 10 levels across multiple environments, including Swamps, Graveyards, Badlands, and the dreaded Tower of Chaos!Arcade Mode: Survive as long as possible against ever larger waves of ghouls. Choose from 10 different arenas and rack up high scores in endless, arcade-style gameplay.Power Ups: Grab special weapon boosts to increase your firepower. Slice through enemies with spinning blade attacks, or fire straight through barriers with an unstoppable beam of magic. b4d347fde0 Title: UnSummoning: the Spectral HordeGenre: Action, Casual, IndieDeveloper:Roaming Ground StudioPublisher:Roaming Ground StudioRelease Date: 21 Dec, 2015 UnSummoning: The Spectral Horde Download For Pc [hack] unsummoning the spectral horde Really fun game, it's a funny ghost puzzler and it gets really hard as it goes on, still trying to beat the last level (I think it's the last anyway).. I like these types of games but the controls did not feel precise and after a couple minutes I did not have the patience to learn what kind of lag in response I was going to get when moving around. Considering how vital it is to do precise moves, the feeling and responsiveness of the controls should be perfect. Using a keyboard did not help.I came back and tried again a few weeks later but it was no better and I gave up even sooner.I have a high end PC and there is no reason why this game should feel laggy and I chalk it up to poor design.. The art style is precious, the puzzle element is a lot deeper than it may initially seem, And I love the story mode's story book vibe. The game could use a little more work, but generally is a fun time with a lot of thinking and strategy nessisary to survive room to room. Also sounds great and controls well enough.. Amusing premise, cute storybook narration, and unique gameplay. If these are the holy trinity of a good game, then by George, I think we have a winner with UnSummoning. Although short, at this pricetag we get a lot of game for our four bucks.. The tile premise is very interesting and puts a cool new spin on this type of game but I feel like I've seen everything in the first 20 minutes. After that it just gets kindof boring and repetitive. It's no Nuclear Throne I'll say that much.. Cool little puzzle game with a fun ghost premise. Overall I'd say this is a C- and with so many games to play it wasn't worth my time. The controls could use some work and the concept gets boring after an hour or so.
Laura Atencio