Unplanned Stop on Exoplanet HD7235019b


The first alternate scene for the newly awakened traveler in All The GoInbetweens. I wanted to show him in a completely different world where I could try some different things than I could in an urban setting.
He has crash landed on an alien planet. This has attracted some attention. He escapes the burning wreckage but three alien spacecraft quickly approach. A quick flash of a new world.


The base terrain was built in Worldmachine. A heightmap was generated and dropped directly into the Unity terrain system. Texture was adjusted with Complete Terrain Shader; rocks and boulders were sculpted in Zbrush. The particle system for the smoke went though a number of different stages to get to the final thick billowing black. The spaceship was modeled in Oculus Medium, cleaned up and reduced polycount with Meshmixer, Zbrush and Xnormal.
The character animation is motion capture. The alien spaceships are just squashed capsule primitives with a metallic texture and a flying animation. Cinemachine was used for the camera and post processing was added.
Alec Huxley