Unka the Dragon
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Do you need a big bad Dragon to be your main boss, or to be your companion, or be the dragon! well..
Unka the Dragon is here! (if you buy him you can call him whatever you want :)
They come with +130 AAA Animations.
Includes character controller, and a animator component but you can always create your own or modify the existing one.
This controller includes these Logic's:
-Attack (Melee & Fire)
-Damage Animations
-Scalable Bones
-Blend Shapes
-LookAt Aim Mode
Basic AI
Compatible with Horse Animset Pro!
3 Different Styles(Toon,PolyArt, Realistic)
Substance Textures (Body, Wings, Eyes)
Just see the video and you will love it!!

MalberS Animations
MalberS Animations - Designer
Мейфу - Other
мне глубоко насрать на все чужие проэкты не нужно мне пихать в ленту посмотреть мне действительно повигу что вы делаете ,мне безразлично все что вы делаете -никто из вас не можеть дать то что мне нужно-иначе бы я не пришла сюда
MalberS Animations
5 months ago
MalberS Animations - Designer
Aidan Elizalde
5 months ago
DragonFire Games Owner - Student
This is awesome! Definitely one of the better dragon models I have seen.
Steve Lux
6 months ago
Senior Developer, Senior UI, Senior Creative - Programmer
Woah, the slide where I could rotate the 3d model as it played - didn't expect that. Great Work!
Owais Zahid
6 months ago
Technical Lead - Programmer
Awesome, great work 👍