VR: University of Alberta, Through the Looking Glass
Updated a year ago
Windows; Oculus Rift
A virtual reality experience that simulates different eye conditions

The Project

The University of Alberta Through the Looking Glass project was an ambitious effort to convey the difficulties of living with different eye conditions. Since this virtual reality project was meant to be shown at an annual fundraiser gala, our goal was to keep it fun and lighthearted.

The Technology

We worked very closely with the University of Alberta Department of Ophthalmology to ensure that the visual conditions were as accurate as possible. The vision effects were accomplished using a combination of custom shaders (using Shader Graph) and post-processing effects.
For more details, check out the project page on Behance!
Aaron Clifford
Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; English, British
Supported Platforms
Windows; Oculus Rift