“Universe V” is a turn based, tactical space game. It offers five distinct species as well as two additional special ones. The player starts from his homeworld in an attempt to conquer the enemy's homeworld placed on the other side of the galaxy. To reach this goal player must fight enemies on many star systems on the way. The player start the game with a randomly generated galaxy map of an adjustable size. First he needs to create a fleet by constructing various types of spaceships. Every spaceship can be designed from a set of building modules. The player has full control over the customization of each module and its properties. Highly-advanced configuration settings (such as materials, modules, type of crew, etc.) allow designing a unit to perfectly match any situation that might arise. The battles are performed in a 3D view with a 3D game mechanic. Since several units can be involved during the combat, the tactic is a very important aspect of the game. Due to the variability of the spaceships, base modules, sub-modules, and other various parameters describing their hull, the number of battle strategies will be practicaly infinite. The Spaceships and the bases will have an advanced ordering system for the optimal use of each installed component. The ordinary units will have the ability to move and fight in space. Since the properties of a unit are dependent on their surroundings, the player can decide which tactic used would be best. The game will have a multiplayer mode performed on a 'Battle Arena' system. Players on each side create a fleet determined by a point limit. After the combat, all the statistics are saved in the Leaderboards. An additional multiplayer mode will be integrated into the single player mode. This means that the player, who wishes to play multi, can import units from their single player campaign to a waiting-room. Other players will be notified of the proposed battle. A second player will then import their desired units and the battle will begin. After the battle is won, the winner will gain points towards the Leaderboards and they will receive resources which can be used in the single player mode.
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