Universal Music Group
Prototyping and Development Created for the UMusic Spring 2014 keynote, this was a dynamic interactive presentation with sound reactive visuals. Screens playing whilst the audience was being seated reacted to both music and the chatter from the audience. Whilst the different keynote speakers were being introduced different sound reactive scenes would be shown, reacting again to the music played as well as the speakers voices. This was developed in Unity3D using bespoke audio level detection plugins, allowing the visuals and their responsiveness to be tuned to specific frequencies and peaks based on the response of audio in the presentation space. The aim was to create a free-flowing wave, responsive to sound whilst not mimicking a typical audio wave-form display. The waves created respond gradually to changes in music, allowing the waves to respond well to slow build-ups and swells of music. Different scenes were created to better respond to the frequencies of speech vs. music. The final presentation included hand animated slides that seamlessly transitioned from one to the next, and allowing for the sound reactive scenes to seamlessly transition into any point of the presentation if needed.
Tim Crook
Creative Technologist