【Unity】校园Workshop——中国传媒大学南广学院活动总结(with EN)
Published 8 months ago
【Unity】Summaries of the UNITY X CUCN WORKSHOP


  • 活动名称:
  • 联合参与团队:
Unity China|Unity校园大使|中国传媒大学南广学院动画与数字艺术学院学生会
  • 主办方团队:
Unity校园大使: 邓森蕾
Unity China: Yan Zhang
  • 时间地点: 2018年4月11日南广大讲堂
  • Event Name:
  • Participating team:
Unity China|Unity Student Ambassador | Communication University of China Nanjing Campus Faculty of Animation and Digital Art Students Union
  • Organizer team:
Unity Campus Ambassadors: Sennett Deng
Staff: Yiyi Di, Qiufan Zhou,Yang Fan,Jingyi Wan,Jingjing Zhao,Jingyi Huang,Tong Liu
Unity Chine: Yan Zhang
  • Time and place:
The Great Hall, April 11, 2018
  • 场地:

Preliminary summary

  • Venue:
The venue of the event was selected as the Great Hall after the second floor of the teaching building. The equipment is excellent and the venue can accommodate nearly 200 people.
  • 活动宣传:
  • Event promotion:
In the first two weeks, it was first promoted by Unity's official account . From the statistics of the Bagevent, it was the first small peak for PV. A week before the event, it was promoted by the faculty‘s official account , making the visit of this event reached the highest PV. The college continued to push the page in the next few days, which provided great support for the promotion of the event in the school.
There are totally 157 people signed up online and more than half of the attendance was on-site. In addition, there still some people who did not make an appointment at the scene had come to the event to participate in the activity. (In fact, there was a small mistake when signing in. Insufficient preparation of sign-in equipment, due to a large number of attendees, a machine simply couldn’t meet the sign-in requirements.Thanks to the staff who are responsible for this.
  • 在清明之前收到了官方寄送的易拉宝与海报,并在学院的安排下张贴在学校各个角落
During the placement of posters and advertisement, we must consider the elements of the weather, including the size of the wind, etc., or be prepared. Otherwise, it is very easy for the rollover phenomenon to occur and the publicity of the event will be greatly affected.


  • 入座暖场:
在大讲堂的两侧设置了签到桌和礼品,同学们签到后都领取到了Unity的精美纪念品一份,暖场环节主要是为大家播放了收集到的最近一年以来Made With Unity的游戏视频集锦,同学们纷纷被Unity所带来的游戏和画面所震撼

Formal activities

  • Befor start:
Registered tables and gifts were set up on both sides of the auditorium. After the students checked in, they all received Unity's exquisite souvenirs. The warm-up session was mainly show them the games that Made with Unity collection since the last year. The students were shocked by the games and videos render by Unity.
The event started on time at 15:00
First, the lecture takes the basic composition of the game engine as a cutout, introduces the main topic: Unity, and explains Unity's relevant market advantages and characteristics.
Subsequently, the students were told about the stages of game development and emphasised the importance of Unity in the prototyping stage and the ability to quickly iterate.
随后对大家着重介绍了技术美术在项目开发中的重要作用,并结合Unity2018中的新功能Shader Graph、ScriptableRenderPipeline让同学们对技术美术的职位有了全新的一个认识和了解。
介绍完2018的新功能后,通过Book of the Dead、Adam等使用Unity实时渲染出来的影片为大家介绍了在2017版本中举足轻重的Timeline与Cinemachine,让大家了解到Unity在影视方面的制作能力。
Also after that, through the use of Unity's real-time rendered videos such as Book of the Dead, Adam, we introduced Timeline and Cinemachine, which are very important to the 2017 version, in order to make sure the students understanding Unity's ability in film and television production.
最后介绍了我们的Connect社区与Unity Service的服务, 让同学们感受到Unity为开发者所提供的各类便捷服务
Finally, we introduced the services of our Connect community and Unity Service so that students can feel various convenient services Unity provides for developers.
The final Q&A session is responded to the questions raised by the students about the application of Unity in the 2D project and VR/AR(Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality) project, and the official learning of Unity's tutorials.



Events summary

First of all, thanks to Unity China Team who have provided great support for the event and also thanks to the support and assistance that provided by the Faculty of Animation and Digital Art(CUCN).
There were kind of mistakes in the preparation of the event, which was very helpful for the next activity. The college provided an opportunity for lecture trials before the formal ones and it made me realise that Some of the deficiencies and problems existed in the lectures were promptly proposed, which promoted great help for the formal activities.


In fact, the biggest difficulty is in preparation session, because some students haven't use Unity or even do not know about the game development. Therefore, when I prepare this content, the only thing we need to do is try our best to attract students' interests. The idea of ​​this preparation started with some of the games that our students often play with. By introducing some of the new features of Unity to these games, the effect is still quite obvious, but it is still not enough for the audience to grasp. There will still be Some classmates did not understand the situation, and other students who knew enough about Unity were hoping to learn something new through this event. Due to my time control, I didn’t explain more about the demo section. This needs more improvement in the follow-up activities.
Finally, we are grateful to Unity for providing such a platform and opportunity for the student community! We are looking forward to the next event! See you next time.
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