Unity Tutorial Reboot
Published 3 years ago
Better Tute's
So after several days without power due to storms (nothing like Puerto Rico, I mean there is nothing like what happened there), I'm back on the Unity learning. I started to get frustrated with the 'official' tutorials from Unity because of how old they are. 3 years ago (Unity 2014/2015) is kind of a long time, and when I started the 2d Roguelike it became more apparent. There were some things were missing from the downloaded project file, which is fine, I could figure out what I needed to add. But I kept reading about how 2d development had changed from 2015 version to 2017 version, something about tilesets? I don't fully know but it felt like the tutes needed to be updated yet again. And I understand that at this point they aren't in the job of doing that, others will pick up that torch. So I gravitated towards Brackeys. I don't know if they are any good, I like them so far, they seem pretty current, they seem pretty knowledgeable, so I will continue with them as long as I am learning.


Debug.Log ("Hello, World!");
Shift - Space = Maximize Scene View
Matt Donle
Fledgling Learner - Educator