Unity to webgl (with Three js)
Unity has been for me a great tool to develop other things than games, for some time now, I've been working on virtual tours and the result has been pretty good, but some companies kept asking for web solutions, and although Unity has its own webgl exporter, it works only (as far as i know) only on desktop devices.
This year I decided to make my own unity to three js exporter by writing javascript code with c#, using System.IO stream writer to save the resulting scripts in a way it could be understood by three js, and as I kept moving forward, the results and the challenges became stronger.
Today, I'm happy with what have become of it so far, and wanted to show some of the results and progress I've been able to do with this exporter, this first result is a web house model generator to be able to see houses before they're built, instead of looking just at blueprints, we've called it 3D Vox and I plan to keep on improving it, hope you like it!
Im also posting this to know if there are people interested in another webgl export solution like me :), please let me know in comments! :)
Guillermo Campos
Lic. Digital Art and Animation - Programmer