Unity's Carte Blanche [2016]
The sister project of EditorVR, Carte Blanche is Unity Lab's research initiative on VR-in-VR authoring tools for non technical users. We are looking at the future of virtual reality experience creation and to that end are exploring how creative minds like level designers and artists might approach the next generation of creation platforms. We are working on finding the best solutions for enabling non programmers to build virtual worlds inside VR, so we are designing and implementing a platform on top of Unity that will integrate with the rest of Unity services. Below is a concept video showing the kinds of tools and interactions we envision for putting creation tools in the hands of consumers and artists.
Thanks to the following devs and artists from the Unity community for assets used in this video: • Lowpoly Township Set by Evgenia • Fantasy Treasure Chest by Unity Art Assets • Cartoon Zombie by M.eye • Cute Medieval Hunter by jay-z • Books by VIS Games • Hand Painted Potions and Bottles by Antonio Neves • Furniture Props by Matheus Oliveira
Greg Madison
IXD / UX-UI / AR VR MR - Designer