Unity Data Integration, Virtual Worlds, and a Tron Lightcycles game for good measure
My Projects: Eden is designed to become a virtual reality social network for connecting people and services, it also as the pictures show helps with home automation. Haven is a secondary project utilizing my VirtualUI framework to help with data tracking and statistics in a number of areas for personal and family information tracking, things like financial tracking, stocks, investments, calories, cardio workouts, strength workouts, transportation, weather, news, sports, and more. Utopia is another project that I want to build to create a virtual reality relaxation world. I've been working on a Tron Lightcycles fan game as well, one of my favorite movies from childhood.
Data integration into Unity is imperative in my view for the future growth of Unity as a platform. I see Unity as not just a platform for games but for real world functional apps as well since it has the power of GPU accelerated 3D and C#/LINQ. Back around 2008 when I was working as a Business Analyst and programmer for Washington Mutual using SAS Enterprise I realized that better data visualization systems could be built. I began work on an idea I had for something that would later be called an Object Relational Mapping framework while working for Bell Helicopter later as Wamu was folding but the idea was rejected by management. I continued to work in the financial sector for companies like Citi, CitiCapital, JPM Chase, and Fannie Mae. I worked in advertising at TracyLocke building websites for Pepsi, Clorox, Pizza Hut, AMP Energy, Ryan's Steakhouse, and Third Federal Bank. I also had some work with local companies dealing in medical, forensics, and logistics. Around 2009 or so I was a closed beta tester for Sony Computer Entertainment of America on the closed beta of Playstation Home and also a Home Community Volunteer on the platform. In 2015 I was on a team that won an AT&T Hackathon contest building a Unity app that interfaces with the MYO Armband. I see Unity as applicable across a wide array of fields and want to help bring that to life. I've suggested Unity at many of the places I've worked here in Texas but ended up being rejected. I want Unity to become the standard in mobile and desktop development.
Normally I do not ask for donations, but I am in an emergency situation here in Texas going broke and can't get a job. Things are turning weird here especially with all of the political turmoil going on.
Please help donate to keep me alive for now I'd like to get out to California and work with the Unity team directly if possible:
Most of the dev jobs out here are web-based and want folks to be proficient on ReactJS/AngularJS/ExtJS/VueJS/Sencha Touch these days, it's been hard to find stable work and it's one of the reasons that I prefer Unity over traditional web development for desktop client development because of the clutter of web frameworks, state management issues, and cross-browser issues with CSS. There are very few Unity jobs here in my area, and I want to work closely with the Unity team to incorporate new features in data integration into the Unity core.
John Russell Ernest
Programmer / Graphics Designer - Artist