Unity Commission Work
Published 3 months ago
In this project, I was commissioned to create a 2D runner, 3D puzzle, and (simple) 3D cinematic scene.
I really wanted to push myself on this project for Unity. I budgeted around 3 weeks to get the endless runner from the concept phase to a complete game. The endless runner was commissioned to be the final project of a series of tutorials so I wanted to create something that would inspire new game designers to really dive into the Unity engine.
The second project I worked on was meant to help students new to scripting games understand behavior loops. I was asked to create all of the assets for this game along with the UI. I had 2 weeks to complete. We went with a simple "boxy" look for that game. I really like how it turned out.
The third project was just to create a quick scene that students can use to understand how the cinemachine works. This part was a lot of fun because I really got to dust off the cobwebs on my 3D skills. In the beginning, it honestly felt like my first day of school again. I had completely forgotten all of the hot keys and had to relearn the terminology. But at the end of the day, I love creating things so it was a pleasure. I budgeted a week to complete this project.
Bryan Sigel
2D Artist / UI Design - Artist