Unity Asset Store - Minimum Prices
Updated 2 years ago
We're going through changes.
As a Publisher, I would like to inform everyone and my current buyers that my assets are going through a price change to reflect the new Minimum $4.99 price Unity will be implementing in January 2019 to assets below that current amount. This means that some of my not so well selling cheap stuff will be made free and some of the better selling cheap stuff is or has been changed to the minimum $4.99 asking price. Those packs that have been increased in price will receive special attention to justify the price within the next week or so and also receive more updates in the long run (Packs likely extended/more features/texture options).
Here is a list of the Assets from my store that are in the process of changing:
If you would like Flashlight, Tanks and Weapons with Scrips or Low Poly Office Props - LITE at their current price. I.E $0.80 - For Flashlight (you save $4.19) $2.50 - Tanks and Weapons with Scrips (you save $2.49) $4.00 - Low Poly Office Props - LITE (you save $0.99) Catch them now, they will be updated on or before the 6th of November 2018. Also, hold of for the other ones to become free, that is Dragon Knife, Hammer, Sledge Hammer, Tools Pack 1, Scanned Rocks With Moss and Snow Shader, Builders Torch, Flashlight 2.0 Tactical. You will save a few pennies! Please visit my asset store page now if you wish to buy any of those mentioned above, or, check out what I have. We are currently working on the Full version of the Low Poly office Pack Lite and if you buy the Lite version now for $4, the upgrade will save you money when it is ready. Full version will be around $15 so the upgrade will cost less in total if you already have the lite version. Lite Version $4.00 + Upgrade Cost ($6) = $10 (means you save around $5). Store page is here:
Robert Ramsay
Art and Animation specialist - Artist