Unity-ASP.NET Core Content Management System
Web Development javascript, css, html, unity-3d, website-development, microsoft-sql-server-development, entity-framwork, mvc-framework, c#,
My Responsibilities:
In this project, I developed two software for this project for Farm & Food Discovery Center, located in Winnipeg, Canada: 1. Web Interface for Content Management System, and 2. Unity application which will display the content fetched from the server
Application Description:
1) Online CMS system
- Account System: The super admin can register additional accounts. In order to do perform actions on the web interface, the user must be logged in. - Content Management (CRUD) - Database Export / Import - Provides REST API for Unity application - Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, React, Node.js, Razor Views (*.cshtml) - Front-end 3rd party plugin integrations: Rich Text Editor (summernote), File Navigation System (elFinder) - Server (Backend): C#, Asp.Net Core, MVC Framework, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, Linux, Apache, Proxy - The application has full Unit Testing and Integration Testing
2) Unity3D application for iOS devices
- Display content downloaded from the web interface - Uses REST API to update content if there is a new version when the app launches - Works with Touch-display devices - The application has full Unit Testing and Integration Testing
C# / Unity Developer - Programmer