Unity 3D Game Kit Behind The Scenes
Published 2 years ago
Go behind the scenes with the creators of Unity's 3D Game Kit!
In this interview by Unity's own Liz Mercuri we discuss the creation process behind Unity's 3D Game kit. Check it out on YouTube here.
Matt Schell
Online Evangelist / Game Developer - Other
NITIN Tiwary
a year ago
Awesome game environment
3D Developer
I must say, these live training videos are well hidden. At first I tried using the new and improved Unity Live Sessions page, I scrolled and I scrolled through irrelevant content till my mouse wheel came off. When I applied filters like training/regional settings, I wouldn't even get the lessons posted inside this thread. In my moment of weakness I gave up, but the next day, I accidentally found this place and I'm sincerely happy that I did. Besides learning was way too easy when everything was neatly listed in one place (now called Live training Archive). @Matt Schell can we have this groups discussion page as a memorial to our beloved Training Archive? Could you kindle the flame, by posting every training session like we were used to? In all seriousness, am I the only one having problems finding English training content? Please let me know if I missed something obvious, and I'm sorry if I did.