Unique Projectiles Vol.1
Unique Projectiles Vol.1 - Showcase 26 Stylized Projectiles that includes Spells, Bullets, Fireballs, Dark Magic, Arrows and much more. They are fantastic for PC and Mobile, and for a variety of genres and art styles. Complimented with Unique Magic Abilities Vol.1.
WebGL Demo
This package contains:
  • 26 Projectiles Prefabs;
  • 26 Hits/Impacts Prefabs;
  • 22 Muzzles Prefabs;
  • PC Demo;
  • Mobile Demo;
  • Customizable Shaders;
  • Particle System Controller Script (control size, speed, color, lights, trails, enable/disable vfxs, etc);
  • Projectile Script (control fire rate, accuracy, fire point, etc);

Combine Projectiles with different Hits/Impacts or with different Muzzles, it's up to your imagination.
Effects are optimized and they can be easily resized, retimed and recolored.

Feel free to contact me if you have any doubts.
Thank You!
Gabriel Aguiar
VFX - Artist