Subconscious Memories
Updated a year ago
What I could offer Proxi
Subconscious memory is also a necessity for a game of this nature; provisions for both regular memories and eerie ones that are beautiful and wonderful, but not always expressed, I feel, should be a crucial element in this game. I have not done models for games, but I've presented ideas like this to people. In general, I don't usually have a place of having work (which is not all that important to me; the idea of art should remain with it), because my work is a little unorthodox. However, I know representation is important, and what I can do for this game, I think, is a lot. Of course, that is entirely up to you.
I appreciate your time in reviewing I'm sure many, many people's artwork, and taking your time with it. I mostly converse through social media (Facebook Primarily), which I will place links in the social links tab (as well as my portfolio). Here are some fresh works; the post will be pretty dynamic; I apologise I cannot get it all at once. Consistent improvement is significant within this line of business (CGI and 3D art). Look forward to hearing from you; I would love to become part of this project.
Winnie P. Madison
Paravulex - Designer
Well, Miss Cindee, I have been in a little bit of a rut; I might need to bow out of the competition, simply because of different things going on.
Cindee Madison
a year ago
Data/ Machine Learning Engineer
Curious to see where you take this...
Thank you XD
Farrukh Abdur
a year ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Nice interesting concept. Looking forward to see more :)