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Mac; Linux; Windows; Android
Roguelike game in which you affect room generation

My first try as an indie game developer. I decided to turn one of my successful game jam prototypes into a full value, commercial game. That was really tough because I had no previous experience in leading such a huge project. Even more, I had a very limited budget so I had to do everything in the game on my own. But despite all of the difficulties I made it!
Undervault was released and although I made a lot of mistakes it gave me some success. The game earned some money and was selected to the final (top 20) of Google Play Indie Games Contest which was a HUGE achievement for me. But the most valuable thing I got was experience of releasing a game which gave me the confidence that I'm competent enough to make my own games.
Andriy Bychkovskyi
Indie Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; German; Russian; Ukrainian; Turkish; Spanish; Polish
Supported Platforms
Mac; Linux; Windows; Android