Product Description: Undertakers is a networked four-player competitive shooter developed during Columbia College Chicago's Large Team 2013 senior capstone project. The year-long (two-semester) sequence was structured as a commercial development project, complete with all production phases (pre-production/concept, production, QA, and release). The object of this free-for-all game is to scour the Wild West town of Abandon to find a bar of gold and hide it from your opponents. The longer the gold stays hidden, the more points you get. Mecanim Integration: My biggest role on Undertakers was working with the animation team to develop player movement and character behaviors. We upgraded to a newer version of the Unity 3D game engine halfway through our project, and with that change came a need to integrate the new Mecanim system into our animation pipeline. Working with the animators, I modified our character controller code to support this new system, and I built a brand new animation network to support our character motion. Gameplay and UI Design: I worked with my team to design the structure of overall gameplay with a focus on the mechanics of retrieving and hiding the gold bar as well as the general win conditions of the game. I designed the main flow for entering and exiting a game of Undertakers, focusing on matchmaking and how the user interface conveyed the process of creating a match. I assisted with the implementation of these game systems as well as others. Multiplayer Network Sync: After developing the initial network prototype for our game, I was given the responsibility of further building and maintaining our synchronization system on and off throughout the project. I developed an initial structure for passing gameplay and animation data across clients that other programmers used as a guideline for their work, and I assisted when problems arose within that structure. This work was assisted by the use of the Photon Unity 3D Networking Framework purchased for the use of this project.
Adam Ormsby
Freelance Developer - Programmer