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Published 5 months ago

Under A Desert Sun Download Without Verification >>>

About This Game[This is an Early access game] The North African Campaign of the Second World War took place during the period from 10 June 1940 to 13 May 1943. Of Course.. on the 9th of June 1940, Jack didn’t know that yet..Under a Desert Sun is a VR experience that is currently in an early access phase. Once completed this will be a story-rich adventure set in a 1940 desert atmosphere. Current state is a wave based shooter proving functionality for the singleplayer! d859598525 Title: Under a Desert SunGenre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Early AccessDeveloper:TotalGearGamesPublisher:TotalGearGamesRelease Date: 19 Feb, 2017 Under A Desert Sun Download Without Verification Very promising. Clearly in the first phase of development but already looks good and plays well. Has the right atmospere and look & feel. Looking forward to the story and the rest of the levels.. Looks interesting but I cannot get the crossbow to work...cannot draw an arrow. Also as the other reviewer mentioned the button assignments are not easy for me to ge tthe hang of... BUT has great potential!. This game is fun to play and since the developers are very responsive, it has great potential. I'm really happy with the fast based updates. Can't wait for the new features to be implemented!. utterly broken. even for a dollar, this game is insulting.. Fun game, Has potential. Spooked the♥♥♥♥♥♥outta me seeing a zombie come from behind or a corner. The only wacky thing about this game are the controls. But you will get use to it overtime. I see this game going far. The developer obviously has his hearth in it. I'm very interested to what it shall lead. For anyone in doubt if they want to invest, just do it, it's the price of a cup of coffee.. The controls are weird and you cant even fit any ammo in your belt
Paul Allen