Undead Assault
Undead Assault was originally was a flash mini game released by Artix Entertainment. This is a remake of that game. the art, animations, and action has all been updated and created in Unity. The main character, Artix, finds himself at the end of a town that has been over-run by the undead. He must chase down and save as many captive villagers as possible in this F2P infinite runner. You can unlock 4 additional armors each with a special attack. This project only has 1 1/2 months dev time from start to finish. Core Duties As the main game designer and core developer, I created the game from back to front. This game implements several plugins and social features. This include but not limited to: - Ferr2D Terrain Tool - Playmaker - Unibill - Google Play Services - Gamecenter - IYouTube Undead Assault has a random track generation system and a custom logic driven spawn system. There is also a voluntary video ad watch to continue a run.
Joe Noble
Unity Engineer