Uncle Noruz, Snowman Dream
Updated 2 years ago
Mac; Windows
Snowman's Dream is a side-scrolling action platformer puzzle game, developed by Median Games and Published by Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri and released in local market at 2014.
My role in this game was Team manager, Programmer and Designer but our team was around 12 good people. We used Unity 4 Pro.
In this Game you are playing as each of the two playable characters: Uncle Noruz's role (Amoo Norooz) the symbol of New Year for Persians who travels to winter lands and brings spring for them and the little Snowman who then realizes that he will melt down on spring, so he decides to fight against Uncle Noruz with the help of Ice Monster.
Amir Mohamadrezaee
Artist / Programmer / - Designer
Game Languages
English; Persian (Farsi)
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows