Ultimate Rope Editor
The Ultimate Rope Editor is a powerful tool for Unity to add rope based physics to your games.
It can generate procedural ropes and also apply rope physics to your existing meshes.
The editor is fully what-you-see-is-what-you-get, physics included, because everything can be created and configured using the Unity Editor in play mode.
As there is no need to stop and re-run to see the changes, setting everything up becomes a much faster process. The rope editor allows each rope state to persist when exiting from the play mode, something extremely useful when keeping the current state to finish editing later or to make it to to the actual game.
The rope editor comes with 4 different sample scenes that will help with the first steps.
The output quality and complexity can be adjusted from the component itself, so it is possible to create a simple version for mobile devices or a more complex and accurate one when targeting a desktop configuration.
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Enrique Tromp
Main Developer - Owner