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Ultimate Action Hero
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Ultimate Action Hero


Ultimate Action Hero takes you to a world of blockbuster action movies. You're a stuntman and your new job is to double for a famous actor who doesn't do his own stunts... Shoot, punch, kick and blow things up! Become iconic badass' from your favourite movies and experience intense action scenes. Do all that with an epic synthwave soundtrack by NIGHTRUN87!


Hi, my name is Jarek. I'm an graphic artist, illustrator and 2D animator. This is a prototype of my new game. I've decided to use the most flexible engine - Unity - because with it I could combine 2D graphics with 3d elements. I've made everything you see here myself, with a help of some assets from Unity Asset Store and of course Unity and its amazing tools. Please read on if you want to know how I achieved it.


To make parallax I've decided to use sprites and place them in the 3D space. This way I could mark non-moving objects as static for better optimization.

This is an obvious choice. It has great player following scripts. I've discovered one drawback - since I'm using a perspective camera and Cinemachine can't confine a perspective camera in 2D space properly I've had to cheat a bit:) Maybe that will change in the future.

Another great future of Cinemachine is built-in camera shake. You can make your camera handheld or shake the screen when shooting. I've also added Collision Impulse Source to heavier objects. That way when they collide with the ground or drop from heights the screen shakes accordingly. The tremors have a falloff - they're getting weaker when further from the camera. Nice touch!

It's great for making platforms - both geometric and organic looking. But it's use doesn't end there - I've made electric cables and rain gutters with the Open Ended option.

This is obvious for a 2D game. I've made brick walls with this feature. I love it! I think I'll be using it more in the future.

9-sliced Sprites
This is a bit overlooked feature of Unity. When You set Sprite renderer mode to Tiled that's when the magic happens!
Suddenly You can make long ladders, high pillars, big buildings on other elements from very tiny sprites. Just scale the object and the content will fit perfectly!
The only catch is that the sprite Mesh Type needs to be set to Full Rect. I really like to see the Tight Mesh Type option support to reduce the overdraw...

2D water line
This one is taken straight from the 2D Kit. What else can I say? It works and looks great :)

HDR lighting and Post Processing Stack v2
HDR in 2D? Say what?! Yes, you can enable it in 2D mode and get a great looking sun and lights that just burn your eyes out:) Just mark a few options here and there and voilà! Don't forget to use a shader with HDR color support and turn on Post Processing. This is also for screen effects - Bloom, Flares, etc.

Frame animation
Nothing unusual - few hand-drawn animation frames combined in Unity Animator.

Physics 2D
Standard Unity stuff - Rigidbodies, Colliders, etc. I like Hinge Joint 2D Component to make chains and ropes. And don't forget about Wheel Joint 2D used to make dumpster's wheels. Such fun!

This one isn't so obvious. Its Vertex Paint function allowed me to make shading for my buildings. I've made them from plane mesh and painted some colors over them. This way has another minor limitation - You can't use Vertex Paint on Sprites :( Please make this possible Unity! :)

This is the system for character animation. It was used for making animations for my main character.
For handling animating characters I've used Unity's native animation system with triggers. Here's how it looks:
I've used a simple Blend Tree for jump and more complex for climbing ladders and fences - both horizontally and vertically. To achieve a squash and stretch animation technique I've added another animation layer which looks like this:
SVG Importer
I was looking for importing vector into Unity for a long time. I'm making all of my graphics in vector format in Affinity Photo and designer, both on desktop, and when I'm out of home on my iPad Pro. So saving my files as SVG is just a click. The benefits of using vector over bitmap is when you have to use large sprites with flat colors. In my example The city line in the distance and some second layer buildings. This way I can scale them without quality loss!

Assets Used
  • Corgi Engine (heavily modified)
  • Pro Sound Collection
  • Universal Sound FX
  • 2D Shader Collection
  • 2D Rope
  • 2D Gamekit
  • SC Post Effects
When choosing artstyle for the game I've decided not to use pixel art. There are many games on the market that use this style. I've decided to go clean vector style instead and make the color palettes and shapes to reassemble the pixel art aesthetics, but with clean HD lines. So basically we could name this Pixel Art HD ;)
This is all folks! Thank You for sticking with me to the end. In past I always wanted to make on my own, but I've lacked programming skills. All I could was draw. Now my dream becomes a reality thanks to Unity and the technology behind it. I could learn Unity reading online tutorials, learn basic C# programming and buy some assets that will help me make my vision become a reality. Thanks all who made this demo a reality! Thanks goes to all Unity staff, Reuno for making Corgi Engine (thanks to it I've learned proper programming patterns) and to NIGHTRUN87 for the awesome music!

The End

Jack of all trades - Artist
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Jack of all trades
PaulThis is a well deserved win -- you have a great sense of style; well done!
Thanks, it’s good to know that the hard work paid off :)
2 years ago
Game Developer
This is a well deserved win -- you have a great sense of style; well done!
2 years ago
Jack of all trades
Thank You! For now it's just a prototype. Follow me here or on Twitter to get the latest news about the release date.