Ultima Updates (Patching Solution)
Ultima Updates is a patching solution where one application handles everything from publishing to downloading. ​ Ultima Updates was developed out of personal need. Its easy to make small updates when if everything is saved in separate files but what if one large file for example 2GB has changed but only 20MB is actually different. Ultima Updates does an advanced binary scan of each file using my own C# diff library and creates a small patch to update the 2GB file to the latest version.  HOW IT WORKS? 1. As a developer use Ultima Updates Client to to handle version controll and create a patch for your game/application. ​ 2. Register for free storage account: To simplify things I decided to host projects myself for free. I cannot guarantee that it will be forever but if at all possible I will do my best to always a free-package available. ​ 3. Upload your patches using Ultima Updates and set your release version. ​ 4. Users can then add your project to there list of applications in their Ultima Update clients, which notifies and allows them to update / rollback etc. --- ​Ultima Updates is currently in alpha testing but if anyone want to participate please contact me on ---
Mr - Programmer