UFO – Flying Saucer
3D Model of a classic UFO flying disk.
3D Model of a classic UFO flying disk. Probably from outer space, the evil moon nazis, or just from your favorite next door super secret military research facility for alien technology. It could also be a future stealth bomber or just the tiny die-cast toy scale model of a child – Who knows? What's safe to say is that it is an unidentified flying object. The model comes with the typical extractable high-end landing gear balls of classic UFOs. It has an emission map to simulate the lights at night or in the darkness of space. The UFO consists of 5 meshes: the saucer and four landing gears. It comes with simple animation clips to extract and retract the landing gears. Textures: • each 1024x1024 pixels • Material uses the Unity 5 standard shader • Main Texture, normal map, a smoothness (A), metallic (R), ambient occlusion (G) map and an emission map for lights at night. Unity Editor Statistics (unlit): Tris: 11.9k, Verts: 10.0k The diameter of the flying disk is 88.06 meters. Please note: none of the additional artwork shown in the video or the screenshots is included. No script and no other solution comes with this package to move or rotate the UFO (like for example shown in the demo video)!
Mark Hessburg
Dev, 3D Artist, Sound Designer - Owner