Udacity Maze project
I set out to create a completely unique environment and experience from anything else I'd seen. At first, I found the maze too complex, and had to scale it back a bit to the size you see here. I also added some help in the form of density of colour, so the closer you get to one side of the maze, the more intense the colour becomes.
The ambient asset provided actually happened to work quite well with the space theme, giving the right sort of atmosphere and feeling of remoteness, sort of like the ship in the movie Alien. The whole construction was made from assets found in the store, but to try and keep things simple, I used the same dimensions for height and width.
To add a layer of complexity to the project, I added collectable medipacks and coins to the maze sourced from the asset store, along with the particle effects and teleporter module.
A separate counter was required for both coins and medipacks, as well as collecting of the key and door locked and door opening effects. A click on this end screen takes you straight back to the start.
I was so pleased with the end result, and have shown friends and family the working version on my phone. Though it wasn't without its challenges. At some point during the project, I realised I had done the build in the wrong versions of Unity and Google VR. I spent many hours trying to rework the existing project, before I realised I could simply download new assets and code.
From there, it was really down to design which consumed most of the time. Coding challenges were around the teleporter, which wouldn't sit level on the ground, until I figured out where the calculations were going wrong.
This project was awarded an Outstanding Project Award.
Alex Sheath
VR/AR Enthusiast - Student