Tyr : Chains of Valhalla
Tyr: Chains of Valhalla is inspired by Norse mythology, more precisely, the Ragnarök! In a technological world where humanity depends on mega-corporations like Yggdrasil, big companies know no limits, competing for the global monopoly, and Mechas are at the order of the day, someone has to put a balance in the city.
Tyr, creation of Professor Oswald Din, a.k.a. O.Din, has the mission to prevent Lemuz Oki, a.k.a. L.Oki, destroy the world order and create a new realm of chaos to seize the biggest technology company, as well s control the entire world. Tyr, with the help of Huggin & Munnin ("thought" and "memory") and his faithful Sleipnir, he will take the summit of Valhalla to stop the evil plans of L.Oki and his group of Vikings & Mechas.
In a nordic cyberpunk universe where the struggle between big corporations destroys the world as we know it, a hero must bring order in this world. In Tyr: Chains of Valhalla you can meet the climax and impetus of the Ragnarök seen from a cyberpunk perspective.
We develop this project because we love old school games, you know, low HP, a lot of enemies, that need for skill and timing; we looking to create an incredible game with a good and challenging difficulty.

Ennui Studio
Ignacio Martinez
Co-Founder at Ennui Studio - Owner
Luis Manuel Jaramillo Ponce
Indie PR / marketing specialist - Marketer
Ennui Studio
Alan Lemus
Art director, 2D animator - Artist
Roque Pena
CEO at Ennui Studio
Jose Orihuela
Game Developer - Programmer
Roberto Javier Guajardo
Programmer - Programmer
Ignacio Martinez
5 months ago
Co-Founder at Ennui Studio - Owner
We're now in kickstarter
Arturo Nereu
6 months ago
Field Engineer - QA
I love those 2D-Sprite Based explosions :)
Alan Lemus
8 months ago
Art director, 2D animator - Artist
Johnny Jacques
9 months ago
Game Developer + Creative Director - Programmer
This is looking great, looking forward to it's release