Two Hours To Live
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Android; iOS
Two Hours To Live is an interactive story where there are no gray areas. No ifs, buts or maybes. If you don't get help you will die.

Have you ever watch a Movie or a TV program tried to guess what was going to happen?
And then when you guess correctly you would say something like, “I told you he did it”, or “I Knew it!”.
That is what Two Hours To Live is based on.

The object of this story is to keep Jay O’Connor alive by guessing where you think the story will go next.
If you answer the questions correctly you keep Jay on track with the time in the story.
If you guess incorrectly you will cause time to be subtracted from his life.

The game also has the two ways to make up time if you need to. You can play some word mini games to make up lost time or you can watch reward video ads to make up time.
There is a musical score that help sets the mood as you read.
So visit your respective app stores to download because I believe you will enjoy the way the story is presented. And if you have a Nook that comes with google play you can experience the story on those devices too.
I'm so excited for you to dive into this world..

Joseph Burton
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Android; iOS