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Twist and fall your way through multiple levels of difficulty.
TwistNFall is a simple swiper game, you control a bouncing ball through multiple levels which increase with difficulty as you make your way through the higher levels. You can see your progress via the radial dial at the top of the screen. The radial dial displays your current level, percentage of the level complete and the next level you are aiming for. When you reach 100% on a level you level up!
As you progress through the levels, the "spire" or central hub changes and introduces slightly trickier obstacles which need careful thought and in some cases, good timing to navigate.
Your progress is saved automatically as you reach the next level. No leaderboards, achievements. Simply, a "time killer" game. Can be played anywhere as the game size is only 22mb - the load up time is short and you can be playing a game in a matter of seconds.
TwistNFall has initially been laucnhed with ten stages/levels with a view to extending this depending on active player installs.
TwistNFall has no Ads, no Banners, no In-game purchases, and is 100% Free to install.
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Graham Cook
SillyDev - Programmer
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English, British
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