Tweet Star
Published 10 months ago
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iOS; Android
Unscramble real Tweets!

Welcome to Tweet Star!

It's super simple! We scramble up real Tweets and you sort them out.
It's half word game, half trivia game, and half Twitter ... wait, that's too many halves.
Well we never said it was a math game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
We've sorted all the Tweets into popular categories like your favorite celebrities, love, movies, candy, food ... and of course pizza. The quest to find out if pineapple should be on pizza continues!
Of course, we all know you're wrong if you think pineapple doesn't belong on pizzas. Seriously, just accept that you're wrong about this one thing in your life.
Anyway, moving on!
New topics come every hour so there's always new Tweets to solve!
Crush the topics you know and read up on the one's you don't.
And if you're the bragging type, rise up through the leaderboards on 1 vs 1 multiplayer. Each week we'll find out who will be the next Tweet Star and award exclusive prizes! Raaaawwwrr!
Oh, and if you want to get one of your Tweets in the game, use #tweetstar and we'll check it out!
See you in the game!
There are a few things you should know before downloading:
* A Twitter account is not required for single play, but it is required for multiplayer. We strongly recommend logging in so you can challenge other players, like, and retweet all the Tweets you play in game!
* An internet connection is required for this game so your phone can download fresh Tweets.
* All Tweets used in this game are generated using Twitter's Official Developer API.
* Tweets can range from funny and inspirational to offensive and confrontational. If you prefer to not see Tweets that can make you uncomfortable we suggest sitting out this game.
* This game does contain ads.
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iOS; Android