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Windows; Linux; Android
An ambitious tower defense like project with a "twist".


This project began a few years ago more like a self-challenge: while I was playing Wolfenstein 2, in the prison area where you have to avoid a ceiling mounted turret, I had the idea to see if I can program such a turret, in Unity. I downloaded from the store a free turret models pack, some particles, skies etc. and began programming and tinkering. After making about 5 turret types, I asked a friend, who knows a bit of 3D modelling, to make me something to defend (a base) and some attackers (robots). I also wanted to give it a bit of twist, to engage the player more in the action: I put him inside a tank (which I also got from the store) to help defend its base against large number of invaders.
The game uses lots of free and bought asset packs from the store (and some from the WWW) due to my lack of 3D/graphic skills and manpower.

Current State

Unfortunately, due to the lack of time and manpower (mainly artists), the project remained in a proof of concept state. The scripts are also full of obsolete APIs, being written back when Unity 4 roamed the earth. I plan on rewriting it entirely and hopefully bring it to a playable / sell-able state in the medium to distant future.
Daniel Ciolte
Freelancer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Windows; Linux; Android