Turok: Legacy of Stone [Universal Game Dev Challenge]
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Turok: Legacy of Stone
Turok: Legacy of Stone is a third-person rogue-lite top-down shooter in which the player assumes the role of TUROK, engaging in fast-paced firefights and scaling the backs of giant dinosaurs as they uncover a twisting tale of legacy and identity that unfolds over the course of several lifetimes.
The latest in the long line of worthy warriors to assume the hallowed title of TUROK, the player finds themselves thrust into an eternal cycle of battle and bloodshed. With each death or successful playthrough, you play as the next Turok in the line of succession - Years, or even decades later. Every playthrough reveals new secrets, new enemies and new stories, slowly building its way to the ultimate truth that irrevocably binds the fate of Turok and the Lost Lands together.
Legacy of Stone Concept Document:
Alexander Ferguson
Game Designer at Robot House - Designer