Turny Road
Published a year ago
In development
Android; iOS; Tizen; Windows Phone 8; Windows Phone
Are you ready for new and fresh racing excitement?

Well, welcome to a crazy fun & ultra-fast zig zag racer pursuit. Turny Road will take you on the right of your life.

​Stunning setting, gorgeous graphics and driving engine that you’ve probably never tried before. Ideal for the racing enthusiasts in all of us.

Warning: This zig-zag racing gameplay is amazingly addictive! You’ll want more and more.
​Your crew is going down, and, just like always, you’re to blame. Being the chief, you need to make things right again.
Police have captured your cars and you are losing business.
​Other crews have taken over your crew’s zone and you are getting out of business!
Race with champions defeat other leaders, get new cars, powerups. Become the best Zig Zag Driver in the world and make your crew the best again!
Turny Road is a Zig Zag mobile racing game where you save your car from crashing and keep it on the road as long as you can!
In this racer, on-time reaction and calmness are maybe the most important. The ultra-fast cars go really fast, leaving you with little to no time to react and turn the car to the right direction.
But you are the master driver.. and after getting to know with the zig zag racer game, we are sure you’ll dominate and get your crew back to being the best
​The zig zag racing gameplay is sure to always make you want to play more and more. The adrenaline from the speed and constant and unexpected fast change of direction is oddly satisfying.
​Always try to improve and upgrade your power cars and trucks to become much faster. Your satisfaction when you drive powerful and fast cars is surely to be worth it all!
​🏁 Turny Road FEATURES:
✅ zig zag driving gameplay
✅ endless zig zag racer
✅ upgrades & amazing new cars
✅ cool city environment
✅ stunning audio visual effects
✅ simple tap to change direction & drift controls
✅ share scores
✅ free zig zag car game
​Can you handle the pressure and blazing speed of this zig zag racer?
Can you become the ultimate racer?
Game Languages
English, British; English
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS; Tizen; Windows Phone 8; Windows Phone